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1930 1955 2011 2016 55552 1040019 ... 021 028 11625ft 2635m abbey about above acropolis adrain adrian affreux after emerging from a couple of hours walking through high paddocks in the mist at times with no trail as such. the gps came in handy on this morning to stop us dropping off into a wrong valley. ailefroide alice alpage alpine ambler amphitheatre ancient anemone anemones angels anne another anthony apart approach approaching aprons arcadia arch area arkoola arnica arocknophobia arrémoulit arthur artwork asgaard asha atop attitude attraction auberge augusta aup autumn baby baciver background bakers baling bang3 banksia banyuls barbie barge barn bas base basque bassiguellu bath battenbruce battery bavella bay bay2 beach beachgoers beautiful beehive beetle beginning behind belay belle bellied below berry besse bighorn birdwood bivouac black blanche bloomfield blue bluff blur boavi bocca bonanza boot boots bouquet bourg bradys braided branches break breakout bretagne brèche briançon bridge brittany brittanyoverviewwithwalk broadleaf bronzewing brown bucolic budgies bugaboo buick buicks bull bullfighting bulls bum bumbly bunyeroo burbury burstall bush buttercups buttress buttress1 buttress2 buttress3 buttress4 buttress6 buttresses cabriolet cactus calanzana calculus calf camargue camas camp camping campsite canada canary canigou canoe canyon cap cape car carle carnage carnarvon carpe cascade cascades casselet catch cathedral catus centfonts central chaining chair chambers chance cheese cherry chessboard1 chessboard2 chessboard3 chessboard4 chief chipmunk chris christening christmas church cima ciotullu cirque classic clavans clean climb climbing clock closeup cloud clouds cloudscape cluster coast cockroach col cold coles colomers colours cols colt colts columbia columbine coming common concarneau cont'd convertible cool coolibah cooling coral corinna cormorant cornice corsica corvette cote cottage couta cow cows coyote crack cradle crag crags crater cray creek critter croc crocuses cross crossing cruiser cub cup currawong cyathodes cynthia d'aigle d'arène d'emparis d'eyne d'ibardin d'izoard d'oisans d'ossau daisies davids dawg day's day001 day002 day003 day004 day005 day006 day007 day008 day009 day010 day011 day012 db's deck deep deidre delicacies delicate delight deltaform des descending descent desert destructive detail deux devil di di batten di's diamondback diane dianne diem dining dip distance dndicmpsd dolerite dolly1 dolly2 dolly3 dolly4 dolly5 dolly6 dolly7 dome donkeys doro doug doug's downwind drachophylla dragontail drainage dream dscn0001 dscn0002 dscn0003 dscn1560 dscn1573 dscn1909 ducane durier east eastern echidna edna eglise egret eiffel eight elephant elephants elk emerald emerging emu engine enjoying enter entrance environs eric estany et on tuera tous les affreux etang eucalypt evening everwhere exposed eyed étienne fairview fairy's falling falls family far farmland fay feder fergusson fern ferrata field fife fin final fire fireweed flames flaming flats fleabane floor flora1 flora2 flora3 flora4 flower flowered flowers folded following fontargente footed ford forest foresta forester forget forgotten fortress forttress frenchman frenchmans frog frogmouth fuel fun fungus fuzzy gabbro gaining galibier gallery gang garden gardenacia gate gavarnie geant gell gentians gentien geryon getting ghost ghostrider ghostrider1 ghostrider10 ghostrider11 ghostrider12 ghostrider13 ghostrider14 ghostrider2 ghostrider3 ghostrider4 ghostrider5 ghostrider6 ghostrider7 ghostrider8 ghostrider9 giants gingerbread gingolph girl giussani glacier glory goanna goat golden golfe gorge gr34 gr5 gr55552 grand granite grape grass grave grazing great green grey greyhound grindstone ground group groupama grove gum gums hairpin hamlet hancock's happy harlequin haut haute have hay heads healthy heart heas heaven heavy height heliotrope hello helsinki hendaye herd heretic hero heron herrod's high higher highline hiighline hiker hiking hillside hinchinbrook hj schmidt photo hoary holland home home'n'ozed honeyeater honours horse horses hot houches house house2 huay hugel hut huts hwy ice icicle ida inching influence inn innards insect interior into irises isabela island isle isolated ivan ivy2 izard jack jacket james jasper jaune jocular jon juri kangaroos kaputar kia kiicking king kitchen knob konrad l'ile l'ilse la blanche lac lake lakes lakeside lanterns larches last late launceston launcher laurel leaf leap leap1 leap2 leap4 leap5 leaving legume leisure les level light lily limestone line litter livestock lizard loane locals location locator log looking lookout looms loop lorient lougheed lover's low lrrh lunar lunch lungwort lupine lupines lyall's madame magic magpie1 magpie2 maiden main major mallee man man's mantled many map map1 maries marion's marions mariposa marked marmitou marmot maroon marsupial martin mary marytim massive matt meadow meadows meije melting menton mer merci michel middle midi midmorning on day 3 mile mine mirror mist1 mist2 mist3 mist4 moai modane montagnes monte montezuma moodiness moody moon moonarie moonshadow moorland moose moraine more mori morning morning's mount mountain mountaineers mountains mountie mouse moutons mt roland murray music mustang muzelle mystery mythology nana narawntapu narcissus near nearing nearly necked neighbour nest nevada nevé nicolas nid noir north northern not nots noufonts nullis oakleigh objective ocean ochre onda one ophion ora orange orbit orchid oregon ormiston ossa other outcrop outer outside overview p1010323 p1010326 p1020789 p1020894 p1020974 p1020999 p1030060 p1030113 p1030182 p1030201b p1030214b p1030215 p1040085 p1040315 p1110461 p1110483 pad pagoda paintbrush painted palace pandani pano pano1 pano2 pano3 panorama panorama1 panorama2 parade paradise park parnassus parrot parsons pass passing pastels pastures patterns pea peak peaks peaks2 pelion pencil penguins penstemon perch perspective petit petra petrarch phil phreak 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shagging sheep shelf ship shipstern shipyard shoot shore shot shower sign signpost signposts signs silly silver simon sisters skaha skiing sky skyscape slab slab climbing slabbage slabs slap sleeping slip slopes snap snow snowpacth snowpatch solomon's sorted sospel source south southern space spire spires splendour split spot spray spring springs squirrell staging stanley starry start station stem stephanie's still stone stonecrop stop storm strawberry stream streambed strike1 strike2 stuart sturts style subtly summit sun sundew sunrise sunset sunshine superb sur surplomb survivor susan suspension swallows swan sweet sword tall tarn tarns tasman tasmania tawny tears temple ten terra test tetragamatron there thicket three throne tickle tide tier tighjettu tim time tinée tip toilet too tooth top topo topout tous towards tower town track tracks trackside trail trailer trailside train trans transport trappers traveller's traverse traversing tre tree trees trigger trip triple truck tuera tuolumne turkeys1 turkeys2 turning twin two ulti ultimate uluru under upper usciolu valley vallone vegas velchanos velvet verdi version very via viados vicki vignemale village villar violets viza vizzavona wagon walk walkers walking wall wallaby walls watarrka water waterfall west wet wetlands1 what's wheel where's whiskers whistling white whitewater wide wild wildflowers will william wind windermere windjammer windy wine wombat wombats1 wombats2 wombats3 wonderful wreathed yarrow yellow yet zae zoomed